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About us

Who are Ballerz?

Ballerz is more than a brand; it's a rallying cry for those who live and breathe football. It's a community where passion for the game meets the pulse of street style, where every piece of clothing tells a story of triumph, passion, and undying love for football. At Ballerz, we're not just fans; we're players, designers, dreamers, and creators united by a heartbeat that echoes in stadiums and streets alike.

You might wonder

What do we represent?

We stand for the game's beautiful spirit, the camaraderie of fans around the globe, and the elegance of expressing one's passion through every thread worn. Ballerz represents the bridge between the thrill of the match and the daily life of its fans, offering a way to carry the essence of football wherever life takes you. We believe in sustainability, quality, and the art of football, ensuring our products not only look good but also do good for the planet.

Why we created Ballerz

The spark that ignited Ballerz was simple: to create a space where football's emotional rollercoaster and the world of fashion intersect seamlessly. We saw a pitch vast enough for all fans to express their allegiance, stories, and style without saying a word. Ballerz was born from a desire to celebrate the game's culture every day, making every fan a player in the grand spectacle of football.

Captains of ballerz

The minds behind the magic

Kevin Skjærvik and Emilio Sansolini are the dynamic duo at the heart of Ballerz.

Kevin, the Norwegian entrepreneur armed with a rich startup background and a well of innovation, brings the hustle and heart needed to turn dreams into reality. His journey from concept to launch captures the essence of agility and foresight, setting up Ballerz as a new home for football enthusiasts in record time.

Emilio, with roots in Italy and Argentina, embodies the soul of football in his designs. His work, celebrated by giants like EA Sports, Nike, and iconic football clubs, now brings the Ballerz collection to life, marrying the art of design with the spirit of the game.

Together, Kevin and Emilio dream big—envisioning Ballerz as the ultimate destination for fans who see football as more than a game, but as a way of life. They're not just creating apparel; they're crafting an identity, a community, and a legacy.

Welcome to Ballerz, where every day is match day, and every fan is a baller.

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