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About us

What is Ballerz?

Ballerz is where the heart of football beats online. We're a one-stop shop offering a lineup of football-inspired gear, from sleek t-shirts and cozy hoodies to iconic wall art, sturdy phone cases, and more. Catering to fans of major clubs, national teams, and celebrating legendary moments and players, Ballerz is more than just merchandise; it's where every product tells a story of glory, passion, and the beautiful game.

Who is Ballerz?

We're the dream team for the football-obsessed, blending the rush of the game with the latest in street style. Ballerz isn't just a brand; it's a call to the stands, a badge of honor for those who eat, sleep, and breathe football. We're a community of fans, players, dreamers, and creators, all united by the game's unbreakable spirit.

What do we represent?

At Ballerz, we stand for the soul of football - the unity, the excitement, and the stylish expression of fandom. We bridge the electrifying atmosphere of match day with everyday life, offering fans a way to wear their passion on their sleeves, responsibly and with quality at the forefront.

Why did we create Ballerz?

Our kickoff was sparked by a vision to fuse the emotional thrill of football with the expressive world of fashion. Ballerz was born from a desire to live the game, offering a pitch where fans can show off their allegiance and stories through style.

Who are behind Ballerz?

Kevin Skjærvik and Emilio Sansolini are the captains of the Ballerz squad. Kevin brings the vision and drive, transforming ideas into reality with the speed of a championship-winning goal. Emilio, with his knack for design and a heart for football, ensures our gear is nothing short of legendary.

Product information

What materials are used in your products?

We're all about that comfort game. Our apparel is primarily made from cotton because feeling good is as important as looking good. For wall art, we go for gallery-quality materials that make each piece pop. Dive into each product's description for the full materials breakdown.

How should I care for the products to ensure longevity?

Each piece comes with its playbook on care - check the product page for the win. Remember, whether it's a cool 30 or a warm 40, taking care of your gear keeps the game going strong.

Sizing information

How do I choose the right size for clothing items?

Our sizing plays for all teams - it's universal. If you're in the midfield between sizes, we suggest sizing up for the best fit.

Is there a size chart available for different regions (US, EU, etc.)?

Yes, we've got a size calculator on each product page, making sure you find the perfect fit every time.

Shipping and delivery

Do you offer international shipping?

Absolutely! Ballerz ships worldwide because no fan should ever feel sidelined, no matter where they're cheering from.

What is the price of shipping?

Shipping kicks off at $4, adjusting with your squad size and home turf. We're transparent about costs at checkout, so no offside surprises.

How long does delivery take?

Expect your products to arrive between 4-12 business days, ready for game day or any day. Keep in mind, this is our best estimate; actual times might vary due to factors beyond our control.

How can I track my order?

Stay in the loop by logging into your Ballerz account. We've also got a tracking tool that just needs your email and order number to keep you updated.

Returns and exchanges

What is your return policy?

To make a return, items need to be just as they arrived: unworn, unused, with tags still on and ready for another round. Don't forget your receipt or proof of purchase.

How do I initiate a return or exchange?

Drop us a line at, and we'll assist you faster than a counter-attack.

Are returns free, or is there a fee?

Returns are on your team's budget this time. Costs vary by location, but we promise to make the process as smooth as possible.

Payment options

What payment methods do you accept?

Dive into the Ballerz shopping experience with the ease you deserve! We've rolled out the red carpet for payment methods including Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Amex, and Mastercard. Shopping with us is not just convenient; it's about making each transaction smooth and secure. And yes, we're always on the lookout to add more options because your satisfaction is our goal. Shop worry-free, knowing each purchase is a safe play in our arena.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your website?

Absolutely! When you enter the Ballerz zone, security is the name of the game. Thanks to our ace payment provider, Stripe, every swipe of your card is under vault-level protection. Your trust is our top draft pick, and we're committed to keeping it secure.

Can I place an order without creating an account?

Sure thing! Speed through checkout without an account if that's your game plan. Just drop us your email at the finish line, so we're in your corner if there’s any hitch in your get-along. It's all about making your experience as streamlined as a sleek pass on the pitch.

Order issues

What should I do if I receive a damaged or wrong product?

Got a curveball with your order? If your gear isn't in prime condition or not what you expected, reach out to our support squad at quicker than a striker on a breakaway. We're here to turn any fouls into goals with solutions that keep you in the game. Remember, the beauty of football lies in the variations, and this extends to our products too. If the actual item doesn't match your expectations based on screen displays, we're eager to discuss how we can make it right.

How can I change or cancel my order after it's been placed?

Need to switch up your play? If your order hasn’t left our hands yet, we’re flexible like a top-class midfielder to make any changes. Shoot us a message with your adjustments or cancellation wishes, and we’ll work our magic. For post-dispatch plays, we’re still here to assist you through every step of the way.

Discounts and promotions

How can I find out about upcoming promotions?

Join the Ballerz Community to get the VIP pass on all things promos and deals. Don't miss your chance to score big — our community is where the real fans play, and we make sure you’re always in the loop.

Do you offer a loyalty program or discounts for first-time customers?

Absolutely! New to the Ballerz squad? We welcome you with open arms and a neat 10-15% off your first order. It's our way of saying, "Welcome to the team!" where every fan scores.

Environmental and ethical practices

Are your products environmentally friendly?

We’re playing for the planet, making sure most of our lineup is as green as the beautiful game's pitch. Organic and eco-friendly, our gear not just looks good; it does good, keeping the earth in play for future generations.

Can you tell me more about your ethical sourcing practices?

Our globe-trotting products come with minimal carbon footprints, akin to a well-planned football tour. With manufacturing hubs spread around the world, we ensure that our products travel less, reducing emissions and playing our part for a cleaner, greener world.

Custom orders and personalization

Do you offer custom designs or personalization options?

While we’re currently strategizing our play for custom designs and personalization, it’s on the horizon, ready to debut soon. Keep your eyes on the field and stay tuned for this exciting feature, set to make your Ballerz experience truly one-of-a-kind.

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